Sunday, January 13, 2008

emTube-YouTube videos in your mobile

emTube is a cool application to watch YouTube videos in your mobile. You can search for videos, watch them as streaming videos or download them to your mobile and watch it later. This application can also open and play videos in flash video format (*.flv), stored in your mobile phone. You don't need another flash video player for your mobile. You can very well use this application to play the flash videos (viz, the videos in YouTube).

There is already a wap site, (which you can visit through from your mobile) through which you can see streaming videos of YouTube. But, the video quality of these streaming videos aren't good, because of low GPRS speed in our country.

Actually, these sites are designed for use only with 3G networks, which is not available in our country at present. Furthermore, this wap site has only a few videos of YouTube, which are enhanced for mobile phone viewing. You can't find all videos of YouTube in the wap site.

So, the cool and easy alternative is the "emTube" application.

The features of this application are,

1) Search and browse videos on YouTube.
2) Download selected videos onto your phone.
3) Stream FlashVideo files directly from YouTube.
4) Play local FlashVideo files.
5) Audio and position control during playback.
6) Normal and full screen (portrait and landscape mode) video playback.
7) Ability to use built in accelerometer (in N95) to rotate video between portrait/landscape mode automatically.

Click here to know more about emTube.

Click here to download the new version (1.0.8) of the application and the user manual.
This applicaiton is a freeware designed by Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz. This application is constantly being updated. To get the latest version of this application, visit the above given link.