Sunday, December 23, 2007

Audio-Video encoders - Convert your audio and video files between various formats

Here I have listed, a few audio-video encoders. Using these encoders, you can convert your audio and video files between various formats.

Some most popular formats supported by these encoders are, mp3, aac, aac+, eaac+, wmv, 3gp, avi, mpeg, etc.,

Compress your audio and video files in your computer to small sizes with best quality, to be played in your mobile phone.

Personally, I feel that, 'Mediacoder' is the best application among these. It supports a lot of formats, and the compressed files are of best quality.

The file, PocketDivX encoder doesn't need setup in your computer. After downloading, you can directly open the application, and start converting your media files to the preferred format.

It is better to compress your music files to "aac+" format, rather than using mp3 format. aac+ format music files have the best quality, similar to mp3 files, and are of very small size. If you use aac+ format to store music files in your mobile phone, you can store more than 1500 songs in a 2GB card.

Below are a list of audio-video encoders. Download and use any encoder you wish. (Personally, I feel its better to use MediaCoder).

Click here to download MediaCoder. Click here to know more about MediaCoder.

Click here to download PocketDivX encoder.

Click here to download SmartMovie Converter.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

SmartMovie - Play *.avi video files in your mobile

Play famous mobile video formats like *.avi, Divx, Xvid, mpeg-4 files using SmartMovie player. I have posted the latest version of SmartMovie here, viz, version 3.41.

SmartMovie player has been used for long, for playing *.avi files in mobile phones.

The main features are:

1) Player uses the phone screen in portrait or landscape mode, utilizing the full screen size of the device.

2) First mobile player which supports subtitles - allowing you to watch movies in different languages.

3) Customizable video Player (brightness, audio sync, volume , and more).

This player comes with the 'SmartMovie converter', to convert your video files from various formats to the *.avi video file format. But, I prefer using 'MediaCoder(Universal audio-video converter)' to convert video and audio files between various formats.

Click here to download 'MediaCoder'.

But, if you prefer using 'SmartMovie Converter', click here to download it.

Click here to download SmartMovie palyer v.3.41.
I have also posted DivX player in this site. Click here to download DivX player v.0.89.

DivX player - Play *.avi video files in your mobile

Play *.avi format video files (popularly know as, smartmovie video) in your mobile.
'SmartMovie' has been the preferred application for playing *.avi files. But, the latest version of DivX player (v.0.89) is great than 'SmartMovie' player.

The DivX player has cool user interface and a stylish look, which is not present in the 'SmartMovie' player.

DivX is a video codec created by DivX, Inc. (formerly DivXNetworks, Inc.), which has become popular due to its ability to compress lengthy video segments into small sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality. DivX uses lossy MPEG-4 Part 2 compression, where quality is balanced against file size for utility.
For me, DivX is the preferred *.avi video file player, when compared to 'SmartMovie' player.

On opening the application, a list shows all the video files in *.avi format. Along with the file name,
1) A small shot of the video is shown next to the filename.
2) The size of the video file.
3) Duration of the video file.

The above features are not available in the 'SmartMovie' player.

I have also posted the 'SmartMovie' application in this site. Click here to download 'SmartMovie' application.

DivX and SmartMovie players can play video files only in the *.avi format.
Click here to download 'MediaCoder' (Universal adio-video converter). Using this converter, you can convert audio and video files from any format to any format. Some of the formats are, mp3, aac, aac+, eaac+, 3gp, wmv, avi, mpeg, flv, etc.,

Click here to download DivX 0.89 player.

Phone Guardian 2.0

Afraid whether your expensive phone, will be lost someday? Install 'Phone Guardian' in your mobile and be tension-free !

This application helps you track your lost phone and recover it. When the SIM card in your mobile is changed, the application automatically locks the phone, and a siren is activated. You can also send a command through SMS to your lost phone, and remotely lock your phone.

When the phone gets locked, an SMS containing all the info about the lost phone and the SIM card are sent to 2 pre-defined numbers, which you can set in the settings option of the application.

The SMS contains information about,

1) IMEI number of the mobile phone.
2) IMSI number of the SIM card. (The IMSI number is specific to every customer of the service provider. Using the IMSI number, you can trace the entire details of the thief who uses his SIM in your mobile)
3) The SIM card number
4) The mobile phone number of the thief.
5) The network the thief is using, his current location, etc.,

After installtion, you will be requested to enter a new password. Use this password to unlock the phone. Every time, you open the Phone Guardian application, you are prompted to enter the password.

The application cannot be un-installed, and no changes can be made, unless you enter the password. This ensures, that the thief doesn't un-install the application, before the phone gets locked.

The "wow" factors of Phone Guardian application are as follows:

1) Remote mobile lock and unlock with lock SMS.
2) Phone Guardian becomes active (locks the mobile, emits the siren) when a different SIM card is inserted or on lock SMS
3) Operator specific and location information is automatically sent to the number specified, including the number of SIM, IMSI and CellID numbers. This information can now be obtained at any time.
4) Siren option can be put on and off, also remotely using SMS.
5) Uninstall is possible only with the right password.
6) Phone lock is independent from phone restart.
7) The most great feature of this application is, you can prevent others from unwanted usage of other applications in your mobile! You can protect such applications with the same password you use for Phone Guardian. So, there is no need of other softwares like 'Advanced Device Locks'. Phone Guardian has all these features packed in it.

This application comes with a user manual, Phone Guardian installtion file and a KeyGen file.

You must sign the Phone Guardian installtion file, before you install them to your phone.
(Click here for help about signing applications).

Do not sign the Key Gen file. It is already signed.

After installtion of both the sis files, open the 'Phone Guardian KeyGen' application in your mobile. It displays a serial number. Use this serial number for registration of your Phone Guardian application. After registration, you can remove the 'Phone Guardian KeyGen' application.
But, keep the registration key and the password safe. You can use the registration key to unlock your phone, incase you forget the password. So, don't share the registration key and the password with others.

Click here to download Phone Guardian 2.0

Click here to know more about Phone Guardian.

Psiloc iR Remote-Use your mobile as a remote

Using Psiloc iR Remote, you can use your mobile as a remote control for all kinds of appliances like TV, Home theatre, Air Conditioner, Tuner, etc.,

This application uses the infra-red port of your mobile, to use as a remote.

It's simple and intuitive. Just select the device from the list and control it using your phone's keypad.

If you cannot find the device, you can search for the device, and download the codes for your device. It's that easy ! The database of supported devices is stored online and you can download new codes directly from the irRemote.

You can extend the list of supported devices by uploading codes for them through an online wizard. Your uploaded codes can be downloaded directly from irRemote and ranked by other irRemote users.

To install follow these instructions :
1) Sign 3.Crack.Unsigned.sis (Click here to know how to sign applications)
2) Install 1.irRemote.Setup.SIGNED.Do.Not.Resign.sis
3) Install 2.DRMCommonSolutions.SIGNED.Do.Not.Resign.sis
4) Finally, install the signed 3.Crack.signed.sis file.

Note: Do not sign the other two sis files. Sign only the '3.Crack.Unsigned.sis' file. The other two files are alread signed.

Click here to see the user manual of Psiloc iR Remote.

Click here to download Psiloc iR Remote application for your mobile.

Signing symbian applications

Most of the applications available in this website and other sites, must be signed by yourself, before you install them to your mobile. Without signing, you cannot install the applications.

What is signing?
Signing is a process, which ensures that the application is free from viruses,etc., and safe for use. A site called ensures that, all symbian applications are safe to use in mobile phones. The term 'signing' actually refers to issuing a certificate, which guarantees that the application is safe to use.

What is the need of signing?
When an application is cracked to make it as a free application, the original certificate which comes along with the application is removed. So, before you install the application in your mobile, you must sign the application by yourself.

Why can't you sign the application for me?
Applications signed after cracking, are IMEI specific. That is, during signing, one must enter the IMEI number of their mobile, to get that application signed. So, I can't sign your applications, unless I know your IMEI number.

Can I sign applications on my own? Is it easy?
YES ! Signing applications for your mobile is very easy. If you give me your phone's IMEI number, I can sign applications for you. But, once you learn this process by yourself, you don't need any help, and you can sign any application you want on your own.

How to sign symbian applications for my mobile?
Just follow the below steps correctly, to sign applications on your own:

1) Log onto and get yourself a unique mail ID. ( You can't use your Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff mail accounts to sign applications)

2) Go to and click 'Register now'. In the next screen, enter your unique mail ID you created in the above step. Fill the form and complete all those formalities and get a symbiansigned account.

3) You need certain tools to sign applications for your mobile. Click here to get those tools. Unzip the contents of that file, and install the file "DevCertRequest_2.1.exe" in your computer. Copy the remaining four files into a new folder.

4) Now, copy the application you want to sign to the folder, where you have copied the above said four files.

5) Now, open the file which you have installed, as said above in step 3.

6) Click the explore button(button with 3 dots). Browse to the folder where you have copied the files, as said above in steps 3 and 4. Now, remove the star in filename field, and replace it with any file name you wish, with the extenseion .csr ( For example, abc.csr)
7) Click next. Select 'No' in the next page.

8) In the field for private key file, browse to the folder where you have copied the files as said in steps 3 nd 4. Select the 'sultan.key' file.

9) Enter '0123456' in the field for private key file password, and click next.

10) In the next page, enter any information and proceed to the next page by clicking next.

11) Enter the IMEI number of your mobile in the next page. To know your IMEI number, enter '*#06#' in your mobile.

12) Select all the entities in left field, select add and click next.
13) Click finish again, and the '*.csr' file is available in the folder you specified earlier. ( Where '*' refers to the file name you entered in the first page of this software)

14) Now, sign into into Click the 'My Symbian Signed' tab. Now, click the 'Developer certificates' and then, 'Request' link in the left sidebar.
(Note:Due to some updates in the website, the term "Developer certificate" has been renamed to "Open signed")
15) Upload the '*.csr' file you created. After uploading, click the download option, to download the certificate you requested for your mobile. Download the certificate file to the folder, where you have all those files, as described in step 3 and 4.
16) Now, open 'SignSiS.exe' in the folder. In the 'select sis file' field, browse to the file, which you want to sign. In the 'select certificate file' field, browse to the certificate file, which you have just downloaded. In the 'select key file' field, browse to 'sultan.key'. Enter '0123456' as password, and click 'Sign it'.

17) Now the application you wished for installtion, is signed. Install the signed application and have fun !

If you have any doubts about signing, mail me at

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Media Safe - Encrypt, Hide & Password protect your secret files

Media Safe is a Series 60 version 3 application, that enables you to encrypt, hide and store your secret files in your mobile phone. Unlike the older version, the new version of Media Safe (v2.0.8) leaves no trace of your hidden files.

You can encrypt video, audio, text and photos. You can also password protect these files. Media Safe uses advanced cryptography methods to protect your media files.

The program has friendly and fully customizable user interface. Strong encryption of data is provided with 256 bit BLOWFISH block cipher (one of the most secure and fastest encryption algorithm) and SHA1 secure hashing algorithm.
Main features of Media Safe:
* Ability to encrypt and store media files of different types: Images, Sounds, Videos and Notes.
* Strong and fast data encryption (BLOWFISH and SHA1), which provides ultimate security.
* Improved security system that encrypts file/folder names as well as the file content.
* Comfortable and customizable user interface.
* MMC support.
* Scalable user interface.
* Ability to import multiple files with one operation.
* Predefined short-cut keys for the most common operations.
This application includes the cracked version of this application, a registration key and a user manual.
Click here to download MediaSafe v.2.0.8.

My Symbian Series 60 Version 3