Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Media Safe - Encrypt, Hide & Password protect your secret files

Media Safe is a Series 60 version 3 application, that enables you to encrypt, hide and store your secret files in your mobile phone. Unlike the older version, the new version of Media Safe (v2.0.8) leaves no trace of your hidden files.

You can encrypt video, audio, text and photos. You can also password protect these files. Media Safe uses advanced cryptography methods to protect your media files.

The program has friendly and fully customizable user interface. Strong encryption of data is provided with 256 bit BLOWFISH block cipher (one of the most secure and fastest encryption algorithm) and SHA1 secure hashing algorithm.
Main features of Media Safe:
* Ability to encrypt and store media files of different types: Images, Sounds, Videos and Notes.
* Strong and fast data encryption (BLOWFISH and SHA1), which provides ultimate security.
* Improved security system that encrypts file/folder names as well as the file content.
* Comfortable and customizable user interface.
* MMC support.
* Scalable user interface.
* Ability to import multiple files with one operation.
* Predefined short-cut keys for the most common operations.
This application includes the cracked version of this application, a registration key and a user manual.
Click here to download MediaSafe v.2.0.8.


Anonymous said...

i want to download it,but the page was not exist,so can you update the new link??

Anonymous said...

PLEASE upload another link.

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